We don't make excuses, we make things happen.
Make changes.
Make history.

At Project Creative, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated project team strives to provide the best service to every client.

We also place a strong emphasis on conducting all our businesses with utmost professionalism, making us the one-stop design & build solution interior design company you can confidently trust for your design and renovation needs.


Services — Residential

  • Interior Design & Consultancy
  • Design & Build
  • Additions & Alterations
  • Interior Styling & Decoration
  • Landscaping

Services — Retail/Commercial

  • Concept & Design Consultancy
  • Design Proposals & Detailing
  • Design Presentation & Submission (to LandLord & Management)
  • Design & Build/Project Management
  • In-tandem Project Proposals for Rollout of Multiple Outlets



Good design takes time and is often drawn from inspiration, in-depth understanding and thought. We take the time to listen and understand your needs and want for every given space, and finally arrive at a concept & design that shows and serves how you live, work and entertain.

Project Execution

The project execution is the phase that finishes what design started, seeing the vision and ideas turned into reality. Without good project management, our designs are just pieces of paper.

We believe that having a budget does not mean adopting a cost-cutting approach and sacrificing quality. It simply means you want to be in control of where and how resources are allocated. We understand that you want to be furnished honest & accurate cost estimates. You need relevant information and options so that to make the right decisions.

Our challenge is to balance your budget and design requirements to achieve desirable outcome.